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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let the Ideas Flow!

There are times as a teacher that you need a little nudge. An inspiration for your next lesson. Well, yesterday I found myself wandering into a library and filling out an application for a new library card. As I walked away from the circulation desk, I felt like a little kid ready to give my shiny new card a try. So I spun around, and after a few steps I found myself entering the children's department where my mind just started spinning. Looking around the library and taking in the new released books, the concept books and the graphic novels to name a few, immediately ideas were popping into my head. I honestly have no idea why the public library was so very different from the school's media center, but it was! Could it have been the fact that the books were arranged differently, the inventory was varied or that I was in an environment not influenced by all the pressures of a school? I'm guessing it had to do with the freedom of exploring with no constraints, time or otherwise. If you find yourself in a similar mindset as you start this new school, rev yourself up with a new perspective on children's literature.

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