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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy Table Management

Well, I have a few little ones who seem to have a hard time with controlling their talking. So, I have developed a "Fuzzy Wuzzy Table Management Plan". (Sorry about the rhyming, but my classroom theme is "Whoville" so it seems like the right thing to do.) Anyway, I've hatched a plan that will allow each table to earn "Fuzzy Wuzzies" (otherwise known as colorful 1" pompoms) for different things during the day. They can earn Fuzzy Wuzzies for the quietest table, the table quickest to follow directions, the most helpful table, the neatest table, etc. Each time they receive a Fuzzy Wuzzy, they put it in their table's Fuzzy Wuzzy Home (A.K.A. a little colorful metal pail with a label on it). At the end of the day or week, the table adds up their Fuzzy Wuzzies and the table with the most earns a trip to the "Mystery Prize Box". Each member of the table earns the prize that is picked. What is the mystery prize box you ask? Well it is a purple box that says "mystery prize" on it filled with little plastic containers that you would find inside a gumball machine. Inside each plastic bubble is a colorful strip of folder paper with a fun prize printed on it. Below are pictures of the containers and the Mystery Prize Box (purchased at Really Good Stuff). Also attached is copy of the prize strips I use.
I hope this Fuzzy Wuzzy classroom anagement idea works well for you!

Mystery Prize Slips

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spelling Practice Made Easy

Are you tired of coming up with different ways for your kids to practice their spelling words from week to week? Well, here is the solution to your problem! Below are 9 different spelling contracts with 7 different activities for each week. The activities vary so they hit many different kinds of learners. Take a peek at them and give one a try. If you wind up doing one contract a week, your parents and students will have about 72 different ways to practice their spelling words for the rest of the year. After 9 weeks, I let the children practice any way they would like, and don't require the contract to be turned in unless their spelling grades start to fall. I hope you find the contracts as useful as I have.
Let me know your thoughts ...
Click the link below to access the Spelling Contracts:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Someone is Coming to Visit!

Every child in my classroom has the opportunity to take home "The Cat in the Hat" at least one weekend out of the year. What does this involve? I'm glad you asked! Well, when it becomes a child's turn to take "The Cat" home, they are given a denim bag that has a picture of "The Cat" embroidered on the front. Inside they find a laminated copy of the letter I have attached below, a stuffed "Cat in the Hat", "The Cat's" very own suitcase and a journal. Because they get the bag on Thursday, they have 4 days to play with the tricky cat and document their adventures. The bag is then returned on Monday and the child gets the opportunity to tell the class what mischief "The Cat" got into by reading their journal entries. Many of the children choose to include photos taken with "The Cat" and others choose to illustrate and embellish the journal in other ways. The suitcase, which was a new addition last year, is filled with little trinkets that the children decide "The Cat" can't live without. It has things like a Halloween costume for "The Cat" (made by one of the children), a jingle ball because of course he is a cat and needs a toy, a rubber mouse, etc. Once all of my kids have had the opportunity to take "The Cat in the Hat" home, it then becomes one of the many things the children can purchase with their class cash (which is part of my positive classroom behavior plan). What a Deal! Five dollars buys a certificate to allow you to take the fellow home for an entire weekend. The kids love the additional time with "The Cat" and you as the teacher have extra prizes for your treasure box. Talk about a "Win-Win" situation!

Someone Has Escaped From Whoville