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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Observation Idea

Thank goodness! I finished my observation a couple of weeks ago, and thought to myself ... I am so glad that is over! Then I got to thinking about the process I went through to figure out what I wanted my observation lesson to be about. For about 2 weeks, I reviewed all kinds of topics and ideas and finally I wound up creating my own lesson & sheets to go with it. I taught a lesson on visualization, and the children learned how it can help their comprehension of a story or poem. So, for those of you that haven't done your observation yet, I've decided to post up my lesson plan and  pages needed to make the lesson happen so if you need an idea you can tweak, maybe this will help. By the way, the lesson went really well, and the kids loved the activity. The pictures they created were so good, I promised to make a class book out of them. As a side note, by the time the lesson was over, the children had not only learned about visualizing, but also adjectives, sequencing and summarizing. We had a blast! Below you will find my lesson plan, the poem I used, the children's response sheet and examples of what the children visualized.

Observation Lesson Plan 2011 Blog

This is What I Visualized

The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven


  1. Thank you for sharing your lesson. This is great. I have been thinking of what to do, and I was going to do a lesson on character traits, but I love this too, and the format is wonderful.

  2. Nice Job; thanks for sharing. This lesson makes learning looks fun and easy!

  3. This Awesome! I was looking for something like this to do for my observation. Thank you!!